IMPORTANT: A trailer kit is not a motor vehicle and is NOT subject to state motor vehicle registration laws UNTIL it is assembled with intent to
haul it on a public road.

What is a "Trailer Kit"?

Trailer Kits are often referred to as a "DIY" Do-It-Yourself, "Home Made" or a "Box of Trailer Parts" are not subject to any type of registration or licensing until the trailer is fully assembled and road ready.

Making the Trailer "Road Legal"

Once assembled some states require the trailer to be inspected and registered to be legally towed behind a vehicle on public roads. Registration requirements and vehicle code interpretation vary widely from state to state and even between localities within some states. Contact your state and local Department of Motor Vehicles for complete rules and regulations.

Upon final assembly of the trailer the VIN Tag must be affixed to the trailer on the driver’s side of the trailer (which is often placed on the tongue).

Each Trailer Kit has a packet of documents which includes:

  1. Manufacturer Statement of Origin (MSO)
  2. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN Tag)
  3. Tire Placard
  4. Owner’s Manual & Assembly Guide.

Trailer Registration Procedures:

Registration of a trailer is usually pretty easy and inexpensive if required. In some states the assembled Trailer Kit along with the (MSO) and bill of sale (receipt provided by the retailer) must be brought to the DMV for vehicle inspection. Not all states require a vehicle inspection; please see your local regulations.
  1. Bill of Sale: This is the receipt provided by the retailer who sold the trailer. In a rare case the DMV may ask you to have the receipt notarized by the retailer.
  2. MSO: This is the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (see below) In a few areas the DMV does require a notarized signed Manufacturer Statement of Origin (MSO), if this occurs send us the MSO and we will sign and notarize document and send it back to you. Make sure you enclose your contact information and self addressed envelope with stamp for return.

Lost or Missing MSO

For lost or missing (MSO) we will issue a replacement for $25 replacement fee. Please contact us via email from our website, provide us your name, address, the model number of the trailer, the complete VIN number and the date of manufacturer which is also is located on the VIN sticker.

Filling out your Manufacturer Statement of Origin (MSO)

On the back of the certificate: Fill in your name and address in the odometer certification section above the signed area already filled out by as shown

IMPORTANT: A trailer kit is not a motor vehicle and is NOT subject to state motor vehicle registration laws UNTIL it is assembled with intent to haul it on a public road. DMV requirements regarding the back of the Certificate of Origin vary widely from state to state and within each state. Some DMV clerks will not require the transfer section to be completed. Some clerks will only ask for your name and address to be filled in.

Some DMV clerks may ask for the dealer section to be filled in as if transferring title of an assembled motor vehicle. This section does NOT apply to a self assembled trailer kit and we or the dealer who sells Trailer Kits are NOT required to have a motor vehicle dealer license in order to sell them. This section does not seem to be verified, stored, or used in any way. However, sometimes not filling it in ahead of time can cause confusion. To avoid possible delays with the registration process, fill in the blanks in the first transfer section as in the example above. Rarely, a DMV clerk will ask that signature in the transfer section be notarized. If this happens, send the MSO to us and we will return it signed and notarized.

Upon completion of all registration paperwork and fees some states may issue a title for your trailer.